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w2012 server - the sign in method you're trying to use isn't allowed

Wednesday, April 6, 2016 12:56 PM

Common issue with configuration of AD is not applying policies correctly or not knowing how to do this. This can be done on server or client with operating system windows. 

I had to forever search online or in my manuals to do this and decided to share the solution For both.

Windows 10

We can do the configuration in "Local Security Policy".

To open local security policy management window run the following command  


The Local Security Policy will pop up.

This is where we can set the configuration

  1. In left window Click on "Security Settings"
  2. Click on Local Policies
  3. User Right Assignment



Now in right part of the window

Double Click on "Allow log on Locally" which will open another window

Click on Add user or group button (mine is disabled)


Select user you want to enable in search prompted and user will be able to login.



Local Security Policy option to add users or groups




Also I have included nice instructive video below in case you want to follow up video instead. 

Windows 2012

Now Windows 2012 Server does not work for previous solution as the button to add user is disabled. This is due to domain configuration.


In our case we have to set this policy for domain, or add user to administrator group.


As for the fact that we could specify user on domain level for each server we want to assign rights, but this will become after couple users quite unmanageable environment. So I do recommend to create groups for specific tasks you need or use tool to do this.


This way you can manage your environment without loosing control