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VSTS - Release MVC website to Azure Web App

Wednesday, November 9, 2016 3:12 PM

How do you setup continuous delivery using VSTS?

I have come from background where continuous delivery has been done various ways. Using builds only, using 3rd party build services and of course Octopus deploy.


After setting up the continuous delivery using build I have noticed that there is an option for release.

In older versions of TFS we had release manager as stand alone functionality and normal developer did not come to play with it very often. I have decided to explore how I might be used for continuous delivery and how easy it is. 

CI Build

At first I had to create continuous integration build. I will not cover here how to setup the CI build. Now the important part is just to select website build code, as we do not want our artefacts to be to big.

Now the configuration is setup and we can proceed with next step.

My configuration is illustrated below. 

Azure app configuration

I had to create new WEB APP the guide for this is not covered here too, but its simple enough with the new design. So the application configuration is as follow below.

VSTS Endpoint: VSP - Resource Manager Endpoint

Now we have to create a hook to our Azure in order to be able to access Azure portal from our VSTS.

The service hook can be done using Service endpoint "Add Azure Resource Manager Service Endpoint"

Creating release configuration

After all of this we need to create a new release configuration.



An this is all we need to do in order to release website to azure using release manager in VSTS.