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Umbraco malformated admin screen

Tuesday, June 28, 2016 1:10 PM

I had issue with Umbraco admin site not displaying content correctly.


How did I produce the issue

I have my application in Visual Studio and while going through my updates I have noticed that new version of nuget package has been published.


Lets go for an upgrade, I have thought.


Do not forget to backup your website and database so you do not loose anything.

After update has been completed I have proceeded to the installation.

Run upgrade using nuget in my VS, and except few config files I had no issues.


So the next step is of course spin it up locally, and test it.


I have been impressed with the style and how clear the ui is, and decided there and then to publish my site with this version.

After publish, my admin screen was absolutely wrong, the multiple elements did not have any styling. In order to fix this I have manually copied the files onto server, disabled cache and restarted the app pool.


this however did not work.

In the end I gave up for the day and call it a night at 2am.


Day after I thought that cannot be, and I have done something incorrect.

The application runs locally but on server it does not.


With fresh eyes I have looked on the issue again and checked web.config and my transforms.

After comparison with the website, I have noticed inconsistencies in the web.config


Quick republish of the working web.config to the server and Umbraco admin site is working again