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TOGAF What is Enterprise Continuum

Thursday, April 5, 2018 3:10 PM

Enterprise Continuum = Architecture Continuum + Solution Continuum

What is Continuum

Continuum models explain variation as involving a gradual quantitative transition without abrupt changes or discontinuities

The Enterprise Continuum provides a consistent language to communicate the differences between architectures so that Architectures and Solutions can be re-used, Also EC is

  • A view of the Architecture Repository
  • Methods for classifying architecture and solution artifacts
  • Re-use a industry standard solution where ever its possible rather than re-inventing a wheel , in other words a Telecom industry has a well established billing software and solution for both its retail , inter connect and value based services , use those solutions ( softwares ) rather than writing your own home grown software solution, this helps in business continuity as you are re-using industry standard experience rather than re engineering your own solution.
  • Some times even the language specific to industry standard counts a lot for example you talk of inter connect billing people in telecom domain understand it , where as if you invent new words to coin the same you would end up confusing the stake holders / partners associated with
  • Generalize a Specific Solution or Customize a Generic Solution based on External factors that influence Architecture Context

1. Architecture Continuum

Architectural Continuum = Foundation Architecture + Common System Architecture + Industry Architecture + Organization Architecture


Foundation Architecture provides direction and strategies for products and services, Very High level, Generic,

Common System Architecture create an architecture useful for building common and reusable solutions across a wide number of relevant domains, Some of the examples are Security Architecture, Email Architecture and Network Architecture

Industry Architecture is more Industry Specific , for example telecom industry might follow some standards no matter which operator operates in which country, Active Store Arch for Retail Industry, eTOM for Telecom Industry

Organization Architecture is more related to Specific Enterprise or Organization, Tailored for Specific Org Needs, Each Business Divisions might have different needs , and each Divisions might have different Org Specific Architecture. They are more requirement specific,

2. Solutions Continuum

Solution Continuum = Products and Services + System Solutions + Industry Solution + Organization Solution


Products : Need to be procured based on Approval chain

Services : Need to be top class including In Person Training with Course Material

System Solutions : Only Certified and Branded Systems need to be implemented

Industry Solutions : Procure Re-usable components from Industry leaders if it is better choice than to develop your own

Organization Solutions : Implementation of the EnterpriseArchitecture that provides therequired business functions

All working together in Enterprise Continuum