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Project does not load - use IIS Express as the web server

Tuesday, April 5, 2016 6:01 AM

Error message

When opening solution I have been getting issues where solution gets loaded but one project (usually the startup project) does not get loaded.

This is just annoying so I will share it with you, how I have resolved the issue.

: error : The URL '' for Web project 'DemoProject' is configured to use IIS Express as the web server but the URL is currently configured on the local IIS web server. To open this project, you must use IIS Manager to remove the bindings using this URL from the local IIS web server.


As usual there are many ways of resolving this issue. I will be sharing with you two I have found

Editing project file

At first you can edit the project file and set the UseIISExpress  to false

project file section 1

project file section 1

IIS configuration

IIS configuration

Second solution 

open the directory where the project (that fails to load) is residing.

If you have user file formatted such as



Delete it.

Go to visual studio and reload the project and it should work