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Installing PowerShell on macOS Sierra

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 12:39 PM

Installing PowerShell on macOS Sierra

PowerShell - enabling automation through code

As I am spending more time in PowerShell. I wanted to be able to run my PowerShell scripts on on my MacBook as I do not want to run Windows using parallels or in BootCamp. I have decided to write this article to show how easy it is to do this.

Installation begins

The guide consists of three steps.
  1. Downloading the package
  2. Installing the package
  3. Running in terminal

1. Download the installation package

First we will go the the releases on git hub and download the PowerShell. 

I have chosen one of the releases here

2. Installing the package

At the time of writing this article there is not verified certificate and therefore we need to apply workaround to run the installation package.

We can do that using System Preferences (click on the apple icon, and it is in the menu).

Select Security & Privacy 

Security & Privacy -> Open Anyway

Just click Open Anyway, to run the installer.

Follow the wizard until you installation is complete

installation successfull

3. Running in terminal


Now we have installation behind us, we can open terminal. 

Click Launchpad and type terminal

Find terminal

Now just type PowerShell in your terminal

PowerShell is running

And we have PowerShell running. Great job if you managed to stay with me so far. 


Now I challenge you to do the same.