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Correct implementation of user security and using passwords

Monday, September 28, 2015 1:02 AM

I have been working on creating user security in our site and I wanted to share couple things that I think are important.


The issue that has me concerned is :

People are reusing passwords and more than likely their they have only number of passwords(1-5) and if someone


What is secure password?

In short the answer is: There is no such thing as secure password, only varying levels of difficulty to get  them.


Common mistakes with creating passwords

  • Replacing letters with numbers (Passw0rd)
  • Using my child name
  • Using combination of names
  • Using Daate of birth

This list of course contains all, just the ones I have come across.



How to create a 'Relatively' secure password?

Ideally use pass phrase, it is easy to remember and it make sense to you.


Coding issues with passwords

1. Encryption of password in database

2. Not giving proper length of passwords









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