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Akka.NET PoisonPill way to stop actors

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 2:28 PM

I am learning about actor framework. While working on the basic I thought I will share couple points.

Poison pill

 I like of to think about Matrix, when using this. You will take Red or Blue pill. There is no way back.


My small example is:


Creating an actor follows the usual pattern

Now lets take it apart

At first we need to register the actor with the system

 IActorRef actorRef = BulkProcessingSystem.ActorOf(demoActorRef, "DemoActor");

Now we can send a message to illustrate the behaviour, and our actor should receive it.

Now we can send the PoisonPill 




If you want to send another message to the same actor with the same reference, the message will be undelivered.


To read more about the the stopping actors here: