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Oct 2018

  • person ICloud installation into Outlook 365 isn't configured to have a default profile How to resolve installation of ICloud configuration into your outlook 365 Read more

Sep 2018

  • person Creating nuget package gotchas in this article I am taking a source code from github, using vsts and publishing to nuget web site Read more
  • person SparX - Enterprise Architect 11 - How to add legend into requirements view I cover how to add legend into Enterprise Architect (SparX) Read more

Aug 2018

  • person The Architecture of a Multi-Cloud Environment with Kubernetes Kubernetes is an orchestration platform that enables running distributed systems, which are designed with the philosophy of spreading wide to best prepare for outages. This is achieved by deploying your cloud applications at least across multiple hosts, and at best across multiple cloud vendors. Getting Kubernetes configured to run across multiple cloud environments, including on-premises, hybrid deployments, is a tricky undertaking. Hybrid deployments are a feature many organizations want to implement for a variety of reasons, including security over their data, reliability, and more. Read more

Jul 2018

  • person Parsing a XML document fails with Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, position 1. A example how to parse xml document and avoid Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, position 1. Read more
  • person Exporting resource group template The possible ways of exporting Azure template Read more
  • person What is docker image layering in plain terms Describing in lame terms what layering is Read more

Jun 2018

  • person Publishing first docker image from MAC into docker.hub This little post is describing how to publish docker image to docker hub Read more
  • person HATEOAS Hypermedia As The Engine of Application State and why to use it Read more
  • person MVC in .NET CORE 2 cheatsheet Notes about running mvc in Read more
  • person How to force request to use specific IP address and port Research how to use specific IP address and port to go out on using C# Read more

May 2018

  • person Microsoft Security Advisory for .NET Core Denial Of Service Vulnerability (CVE-2018-0765) Microsoft Security Advisory for .NET Core Denial Of Service Vulnerability CVE-2018-0765 Read more
  • person What is ACID database what is the ACID database? Read more

Apr 2018

  • person MSSQL Connection string tester v1.0.0 Using MS SQL Connection Testing Tool - A way how to validate connection string Read more
  • person WebAPI Testing framework What does it take to design application testing framework for Web API Read more
  • person Set PowerShell to run under TLS 1.2 Set PowerShell to use specific version of TLS Read more
  • person Using Docker behind Proxy How did I make docker working behind proxy step by step Read more
  • person Pass Proxy configuration to the console A little know how about passing proxy definition into powershell window Read more
  • person Testing emails by configuring email to go into directory Solution for testing email functionality without the need of using SMTP Read more
  • person MSDTC finding issues The MSDTC transaction manager was unable to pull the transaction from the source transaction manager due to communication problems. Possible causes are: a firewall is present and it doesn't have an exception for the MSDTC process, the two machines cannot find each other by their NetBIOS names, or the support for network transactions is not enabled for one of the two transaction managers. Read more
  • person TOGAF the terms A quick overview of terms used in TOGAF Read more
  • person Mushroom Management "Keep your developers in the dark and feed them fertilizer." Read more
  • person TOGAF What is Enterprise Continuum What is Enterprise Continuum as definition in TOGAF 9.1 Read more

Mar 2018

  • person Installing Docker with Kubernetes on MacBook A quick notes while installing Docker on MacBook and top it up with Kubernetes. Read more

Feb 2018

  • person How to update variable from PowerShell step in VSTS I will show you how to update release variable from PowerShell script in VSTS as part of release step. Read more

Jan 2018

  • person Executing PowerShell from c# example Prove of concept using C# sample showing how to execute PowerShell scripts. Read more
  • person SQL 2016 - Simplified drop if exists Read more
  • person Git Submodules in VSTS Read more
  • person Installing VSTS agent on OS X Read more

Nov 2017

  • person Change MSSQL Collation Read more
  • person Questions about continuous delivery Read more
  • person Configuring VSTS to set build version to .net core 2 web application Read more
  • person Multiple awaits vs waitAll Read more

Oct 2017

  • person Identity Server 4 Read more
  • person Git failed with a fatal error with could not read Username Read more
  • person Google analytics tricks Read more
  • person Diagnosing issue with .netcore2 web application - An error occurred while processing your request. Read more
  • person How to generate cs file from WSDL Read more
  • person How to upgrade NPM Read more
  • person Comparison of HTTP and HTTP/2 Read more
  • person How to Enable WiX Projects in Visual Studio 2017 Read more

Sep 2017

  • person GraphQL united API query language across languages? Read more
  • person Extract content of MSI file into directory without installing Read more

Aug 2017

  • person ARM template - A parameter cannot be found that matches parameter name _artifactsLocationSasToken Read more

Jul 2017

  • person Installing MSMQ using PowerShell Read more
  • person Azure APP Update configuration Read more

Jun 2017

  • person Git Command - Fetch fails with error setting certificate verify locations Read more
  • person Umbraco - Recovering administrators password Read more

Apr 2017

  • person How to get distinct dates from sql table Read more
  • person Implementing bundling into umbraco Read more

Mar 2017

  • person Where do I find System.Management.Automation Read more
  • person Implementing Akka into ASP.NET web application Read more

Feb 2017

  • person Implementing NLog in Akka.NET Read more
  • person Akka.NET PoisonPill way to stop actors Read more
  • person VSTS - Release configuration - Publish into log Read more

Dec 2016

  • person Create Azure VM using template Read more

Nov 2016

  • person Setting up Code coverage in VSTS Read more
  • person VSTS - Release MVC website to Azure Web App Read more
  • person Installing PowerShell on macOS Sierra Read more

Oct 2016

  • person WebDeploy Azure - ports Read more
  • person Setting up web deploy on Azure VM - new UI Read more
  • person VSTS - Offline Build Agent Read more
  • person No agent found with following capabilities: msbuild Read more
  • person VSTS - Associating build agent Read more
  • person throw exception - where is my call stack gone? Read more
  • person Agile and What is the purpose of stand up Read more
  • person Specflow - Advanced topics Read more
  • person Starting up with specflow Read more

Sep 2016

  • person xml - How to insert attribute to an existing element Read more
  • person EF Deleting entity Read more
  • person JS - Object has property with value of Read more

Aug 2016

  • person What is preprocessor in csharp - c# Read more
  • person SQL: The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool Read more
  • person Sql server - where is the space gone Read more
  • person npm Installation fails with checkPermissions Missing write access Read more

Jul 2016

  • person AutoMapper - CreateMap does not work after upgrade Read more
  • person Verification of prerequisites for Domain Controller promotion failed Read more

Jun 2016

  • person Angular 1.2.4 and IE link issue Read more
  • person Compile less files in VS using gulp Read more
  • person Umbraco malformated admin screen Read more
  • person Additional information: The underlying provider failed on Open. Read more
  • person Git - commands Read more
  • person Angular render as html does not work - the solution Read more
  • person Creating custom index and search on tags field Read more
  • person Binding properties into controller actions and binding specific properties Read more

May 2016

  • person Angular 1.x Events Broadcast & Emit Read more
  • person EF Consequences of AsNoTracking() Read more
  • person EF - Setting up IQueryable DbSet for unit test Read more
  • person Angular ngSelect default value does not work - type issue Read more

Apr 2016

  • person Using stored procedure to push multiple records at once Read more
  • person umbraco implementing routing in mvc Read more
  • person w2012 server - the sign in method you're trying to use isn't allowed Read more
  • person Project does not load - use IIS Express as the web server Read more

Mar 2016

  • person AD Distinguished Name Read more
  • person VS Code: OmniSharp server is not running. Read more
  • person Installing dnvm command not found, dnu command not found Read more
  • person Signalr Cannot invoke a non-delegate type Read more
  • person Uninstalling windows service using NSIS Read more
  • person Could not run the "GenerateResource" Read more
  • person Bind Partial View Model binding during Submit Read more
  • person Macbook Keyboard does not light up Read more
  • person Nuget - Package reference is not found Read more

Feb 2016

  • person NSIS and updating xml file Read more
  • person WebApi Helppage does not display IHttpActionResult method Read more
  • person Entity Framework expose database command into console Read more
  • person Setting default value in MVC5 DropDownListFor Read more
  • person Humanizer example Read more
  • person Render disqus options using razor does not render Read more

Jan 2016

  • person TFS Builds stacked in queue Read more
  • person Angular unit testing using $httpBackend Read more
  • person EF Execute stored procedure Read more
  • person How to return empty result in mvc Read more

Dec 2015

  • person Upgrading Umbraco fails to publish content (​Invalid column name 'originated') Read more

Sep 2015

  • person TFS commit error- Value was either too large or too small for a UInt32 Read more
  • person Correct implementation of user security and using passwords Read more
  • person Visual Studio Code Compile first program on windows Read more
  • person Jasmine test has duplicated results in tfs Read more
  • person SQL Generate new Guid Read more
  • person Using mask with timeout does not work Read more
  • person Working with embedded view compilation issue resolved Read more
  • person visual studio and TFS tips Read more
  • person Octopus Exited with code - 7 (type Exception) Read more

Aug 2015

  • person TypeScript file does not compile Read more
  • person AD Exception: A device attached to the system is not functioning Read more
  • person Adding image to Active Directory using C# Read more
  • person Static html pages served from mvc application Read more
  • person Executing stored procedures through Entity Framework 6 Read more

Jul 2015

  • person Debugging classes made easier using DebuggerDisplay Read more
  • person Reset of app pool in IIS using powershell Read more