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Installing Docker with Kubernetes on MacBook 11/03/2018
A quick notes while installing Docker on MacBook and top it up with Kubernetes.
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How to update variable from PowerShell step in VSTS 14/02/2018
I will show you how to update release variable from PowerShell script in VSTS as part of release step.
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Executing PowerShell from c# example 17/01/2018
Prove of concept using C# sample showing how to execute PowerShell scripts.
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SQL 2016 - Simplified drop if exists 17/01/2018
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Git Submodules in VSTS 15/01/2018
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Installing VSTS agent on OS X 08/01/2018
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Technology & links

19/02/18 - UK API technical and data standards

05/02/18 - pwabuilder

05/02/18 - www.import.io

05/02/18 - Apiary API Flow

19/01/18 - C# Driver for Zombie.js